I've been playing bass guitar for half my life and of all the instruments I have ever played, bass is my one love. I first picked up the instrument in the late nineties and was immediately enthralled by the range of musical diversity I could achieve through what was such a simple instrument. I found that the key to being a good player were fundamentals and lots of them. For any particular song I might take several different styles and twist them into a mix that is intended to bring the most out of the vocals, soloists and drums. I believe that bass is there to shape the texture of the songs and, all be it two octaves lower, sing with the vocals and not stomp them out. The best compliment I can get is to have someone name a song I am playing just by the bass line.

I enjoy dynamics... a lot. I am not afraid to stop playing and let other instruments be heard. If you ever want to have fun with an audience, try coming out of a screaming guitar solo and dropping to only rhythm guitar and vocals for the first 4 bars of the next verse. With the right song, it's a real statement! I feel that dynamics are the difference between a good band and a great band. Since the sound is live and mixed live in the room, we can't rely on compression to smooth out the sound. We must make room for each other to be heard.

The style I bring to a band is a mix between punk, country, jazz, folk, and rock.
The bass players I admire are the ones who will find the melodic bass lines that shape the songs they are playing.
Good examples of melodic bass players are:
Some demos of my playing style
    *Many thanks to
      Steel Soul,
      TrainWreck and
      The Gypsie Cowboys
        for their contributions on these tracks.

Cold Shot
Easy Wind
Manic Depression
Needle and the Spoon
Wagon Wheel
Whiskey Rock-a-Roller
Working Man Blues

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